Week Fifty – Strength In Sleepless Nights

So the first sickness for the year made it extremely hard to sing on this weeks track. What should have taken 3 hours to do vocals, took more like 6.

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Artwork by Monkeystack

Sometimes my hearts an ocean
Sometimes it glows.
We don’t know where we’re going
Sometimes it shows
I’ll walk the edge of life to find I’m alone
I give all I know, sometime I’ll be gone

Breathe in the life you know
Fear lets you die alone

Livin’ the life in my eyes
Living to just let go
Not willing to waste my time
To be the goal

Being the one that’s dreamin
There’s just no time to waste
Bringing the guns they’re blazin’
Relive the life worth living
Resist an idle pace
Bathe in the light that’s flowin

Waking to cross the line
Living the life sublime
The strength in sleepless nights
Cause all I am is time


Concept/Writing = 12hours approx
Production = 14hrs approx

Added Jun 15, 2012
at 3:47 am.